I made it through

Day 3 was the last time I checked in. It was rough - but I made it. I'm going real easy on eating.

I had been on a no/low carb diet when I got sick with diverticulitis. From what I have read, taking in too little carbohydrates can set you up for diverticulitis. Of course, the EXPERTS continue to tell us to eat a high fiber diet - but what if some of us, for whatever cause; a genetic defect, illness whatever - cannot do high fiber?

I always tried but was left with gas, bloating and stomach issues.

I love crusty seedy bread but they don't love me. I bloat when I add flax to my cereal. Hemp seed gives me gas and stomach aches. Kale bothers me as well.

After the new year, I want to go to a specialist doctor - my doctor is a Family Practitioner. He also never follows up. I understand, that I should be having tests done - which my Doctor hasn't mentioned yet and probably won't.

I tell you - YOU have to be YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!


  1. Put a dozen diet experts in a room and ask them what is the best diet and you will get a dozen different answers, just saying

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