Down the Diverticulitis Road

I'm learning as I go along... that right now, it sucks to be me. No, seems there are different opinions about the big D.

My doctor who leans toward, being really laid-back showed little expression as he prescribed 2 antibiotics and told me,"No seeds and nuts." That was it.

I get home and do research and there was a lot more to be said. Maybe my laid-back doctor just assumed I would do my own thing. He was right but it does bother me that he didn't tell me more. Okay, so I went there in pain. He offered me an opiate which I declined because they CONSTIPATE ME!!! What was he thinking??????

I asked some people who I know who are nurses. I tell you, nurses know more than the doctors! I was told, liquid diet till my colon or whatever it is, heals. Then a low fiber diet and gradually ease into a high fiber diet. That makes sense.

So right now, I am in the liquid diet phase. The dilemma is: clear or liquid?

So far today I have had:

  • 16 oz of apple juice
  • water
  • 4 oz. Lipton chicken noodle soup

I keep sipping on water. Water is good. The more the better.

Apparently, you are at risk of having this "disease" if you:

  • smoke
  • drink
  • obese
  • low fiber diet
  • stress

None of the above have ever been an issue with me and the reason I am starving to death is that most of what we have already stocked in the house is high fiber! The only reason I even had the Lipton chicken noodle soup was that I had a tummy ache a week ago. So I bought it.

Should I blame heredity?

I made some jello I had in the pantry. Probably bought it last year. Waiting for it to set.

Stress would be the only issue I have had in my hard life. PLUS, I've always had a "nervous" stomach. This year I decided I was turning off the 24-hour cable news and just enjoy life without all the bad stuff. That will always be there!

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