But I don't want to suck in my stomach

I decided, that I don't look too bad if I suck in my stomach. But who wants to do that? I feel I am at the age, where I shouldn't have to do that anymore. So what, if I have a pouch in front?

So today I decided I was going to devote 2 weeks, to see if I could budge this stubborn weight. Break the metabolism. I am stuck on 180. I swim an hour a day, 4 times a week and then visit the Gym on the one day. Weekends, I admit, I chill. Last weekend we did take in a little hiking.

I'm also going off my favorite breakfast cereal and hoping that is enough to break this wall of weight. It does mean I have to eat eggs or some protein every morning. I really only like eggs for dinner. I am a finicky breakfast eater. For years, I never ate a breakfast. Until my favorite breakfast cereal came out. I pretty much ate it every day for 2 years. NEVER tired of it.

I also am recording my journey at Fitness Pal. I've been on FP for a few years and found when I actually do record my eating, I do well. It's about discipline.

With the swimming and water aerobics, I am starting to see some definition in my arms - I like it. So much, I almost started justifying that as long as I exercise, who cares what I weigh! Truth is, I do. I am a former petite gal - my hips, knees and lower back are struggling under the heavy load.

I'm giving myself until the end of the month to lose 5 lbs. If nothing budges, then I am going to a weight doctor. (Physicians Plan)

I have to get this under control.

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