11 beauty rituals I learned from my Mom

Mom wasn't a drop-dead beauty but she was petite and very feminine and always took great care of herself. 

Some of my mom's beauty rituals didn't come in pretty bottles as they do today. She was right - and as I age, I find myself, doing what she used to do:

1- Vaseline - Mom kept a small jar of it, on her beauty tray for chapped lips, dry skin and cracked heels. 

2- Ponds - No soap on your face: it dries out your face. She used to use Ponds cold cream every morning and before bed. Back then, I had zits, so Ponds didn't work for me. 

3- Exfoliate: My mom was an exfoliating addict. Even in her old age, she would scrub her skin. It was always so soft; never had that bumpy skin on her arms or legs. 

4- Moisturizer:  Always moisturize and never forget your neck. She would tell me most people, will moisturize their face and forget the neck. 

5- Neck Exercises:  "Lift your face toward the sky, your bottom teeth protruding over your upper lip and howl at the moon. " She did this all the time, sans the howl. Once I turned 30, I started adding this to my beauty routine. I'm 63 and my neck is firmer than others younger than me. Mom was right again. 

6- Sleep on your back- It's about gravity. If you sleep on your tummy, the skin on your face falls forward and wrinkles.  Try and train yourself to sleep on your back. It's also better for your lower back, especially if you bend your knees. 

7- Skin-So-Soft-  Mom loved the stuff and swore by it. She would use it in the bathtub. 

8- Don't smoke cigarettes - It will give you those little lines above your lip. About age 50, I started seeing those little lines - I never smoked but it was drinking from straws that did it. 

9- get 8 hours of sleep - To this day, I always try and get 8 hours of sleep. If I get any less, you can see it on my face and in my eyes.

10- "You are what you eat." -  I always hated it when she would say this to me. I wanted hamburgers and hot dogs, french fries, and milk shakes. As we age, we know this is true.

11- Less is more. - "You don't have to wear a lot of makeup. It clogs your pores!" Mom wore mascara, and just a little rouge (blusher) and lipstick. When she would go out, she would, of course, wear more and always looked so pretty. 

When mom passed, one of her friends, who was a bit younger than her, told me how she admired my mom and always thought she was such a lady. She mentioned that she always moisturizes her neck and exfoliates and my mom is the one who shared that with her years ago - Moms beauty rituals continue to live on. 

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