There comes a time...

There comes a time, in every older person 55+ that we ARE getting older. Forget the marketing mantra's that the old 60 is the new 40. I just heard the old 92 is the new 60 or something. Come on, do you REALLY believe that?

I'm not trying to be a Debby-Downer - I relate more to what is real and what is true. Yeah, at times, I feel like I am 40. There are times, I even think the same way I did as a child. We all have that. The reality is, no matter how you look at it, you can not stop the aging process so you better get a grip on it - embrace it and enjoy this season or you will set yourself crazy and take even more precious years off your already limited time you have left.

My sister died at 56- because she thought if she totally denied the age thing - she could escape aging. It bothered her - the whole deal. The gaining weight in the middle, high blood pressure, wrinkles, sags, varicose veins - and she worked in the daycare/preschool industry, and even while she was highly skilled at being a Director - she still came up against ageism and discrimination. Plus, she worked herself to the breaking point. A few days before she passed, she was in the play yard with the children and she sat down, to tie a little girls shoes. She was called in for that - saying they expect her NOT to have to sit down. Come on now...the following Monday, they let her go. 3 days later, she laid down, to take a nap and just died peacefully in her sleep. 56 years young. It still gets to me. She had some health issues, that she kept to herself and tried to treat herself. You can't do that!

This past week, my husband had to go in for a cardiac catheterization. That was our time - the time we realized that we as a couple and him personally, are entering into unchartered territory. No, we don't like it, and the aging process doesn't give a hoot, about how we feel. It just does what it does. Makes us old. Thank God, it turns out, he doesn't need a stent or bypass at this time. They can treat it with medication.

We were standing at the pharmacy and they have those cameras - we looked up and saw this older couple - a white/grey-headed old lady and a balding man, with a white beard. "Is that really what we look like?"  he asked.

"I guess so" I responded back. We laughed and just held hands as we walked out the door. "There they are again!" We saw ourselves in the mirrors. "Yeah they are following us." my husband said.

Yes, old age will follow you around - so you better get used to it.

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