You know you're old when the Golden Girls are younger than you.

The Golden Girls first aired on television in 1985 - I was 31 years old, mom to 3 young sons. I always got a kick out of them, especially Sophia. At 31,  I was still young and the whole premise that was funny to me were these 4 old ladies living together and their "old-lady" capers.

32 years later - I am a GOLDEN GIRL only I am remarried (15 years) and living with my husband, a dog, and 2 cats. I can see myself (if widowed) - opening up my home to some older gals, my age. Would it work? 

I've been watching the series again - on Hulu. Rose was 55 years old. Blanche and Dorothy were probably in their late 50's - early 60's and of course Sophia was in her 80's. 

Of the 4 characters, I think I am more like, Sophia. Not that I act like an 80-year-old - maybe it's because her character is my favorite. I would like to be like Sophia when I am 80. I'm not man-crazy like Blanche - I'm not like Rose (we all have a little "Rose" in us at times.) Dorothy seems to have it together. Although she has her fears. I see myself similar to Dorothy, only she still wants to date men etc and quite frankly if I was widowed, I would not remarry. Not interested in the dating rituals. Been there - done that. 

What about you? Who are you more like? 


  1. I'm Dorothy, a bossy old broad. lol I had a friend's mom apply to work for the census in 1990. They asked her what job she would like. Her mom said, "The boss". They hired her as the boss. That is me now. Time will do it to you.

  2. Love this post! I've been watching GG reruns, too, and I was shocked to hear Rose was only 55. I'm only 9 years behind her. ugh. :)

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