Thinking about when I get REALLY old...

Since my younger sister died, unexpectedly at the age of 56, I am keenly aware of my own mortality. I will be 63 in March. I feel good but recently had some "age" related issues. (gallbladder, ulcer)

My husband is healthy - except last week, after some tests, his doctor told him he had a "lazy heart". We are still, waiting for that cardiologist appointment.

I don't know why, but I am not that worried about my future. It will take care of itself one way or another. We have the house and my husband has a $150,000 whole life insurance policy. He wants to get more for me. I was self-employed most of my working life which wasn't that significant. I was mostly a stay-at-home mom. My Social Security allotment is not much and I certainly cannot live on it, especially after Medicare kicks in after age 65. Plus I live in California. Taxes are high.

So I have been thinking about, what I would do, if my husband passed. How would I live? Could I afford to stay in California and where would I go? 

I really need some kind of a plan. $150k is not enough to live on. I wouldn't want to leave my sons here in California but may have to. My brother lives in Alabama and my sister-in-law also was a stay-at-home mom. Never worked. The social security she collects is from my brother. So she would be in more trouble. Only that she has her children, and grandchildren. We've talked about me moving to Alabama and living there where I would have nieces and nephews to help.  Alabama has a way lower cost of living, than California.

My husband has other insurance policies - $15K here, $6K here from his work etc.

I also want to leave my sons some money. My house value is rising and that is good. Only we still are paying a low mortgage. Instead of selling, I would rent out my house or live in it as long as I could, and get some "golden girl's"roommates. Maybe college students. I was thinking about getting a life insurance policy for myself, that would be for my sons. Or maybe they could take one out on me, and then they could pay the premium. Do adult children do that?

It would really workout better, if I died first. 

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