The Boomerang Generation - My Story

The Boomerang Generation are young people, who had been living on their own - college, apartment, military, career - and then something happens. They can't make it = they've exhausted all resources - and are forced to move back home.

You know, to your NOW quiet and wonderful EMPTY NEST, thus creating havoc on your parental emotions and your finances.

Bottom line - if they can't live on their own, due to some major event - you are back to supporting them -feeding them and keeping a roof over their heads. They're your children - of course you love them, and didn't we all want BETTER for our children, then how we had it? 

Been there - Done that.


Here we are - starting to actually enjoy our new life - If I ever felt like a real grown up, it was after I got through the dreaded, EMPTY NEST SYNDROME.


It was Inauguration Day, 2009, my middle son calls me - he lost his job in the Silicon Valley. He couldn't find a job. He cashed in his 401K (which he will later find, had some tax consequences) can't afford his apartment and he moves up here, with us.

Looked like our Empty Nest would be a thing of the past for this season of our life.


Our youngest son has been out of the Navy 1 year. He was having problems with his GI bill kicking in and he was attending college in the Bay Area. He was unable to find affordable decent housing. He was lonely, feeling lost and not adjusting to civilian life.  He moves in with us and starts attending a local community college. He is not working.

IT WAS OFFICIAL- WE WERE No longer a Empty Nest. 

We enjoyed the family but finances were strained. They did eventually get part-time jobs, but we had to use the help of local Food Banks to feed everybody.


 Our daughter and son-in-law in Seattle, has been laid off and they have been living on air since 2010.  We invited them down to live in our motor home, that is parked beside our house. Family helps family, right? (or we were just gluttons for punishment) and we wanted to give them a start in a new area.

After being here just 2 weeks, the son-in-law decides he doesn't like it and moves back up to Washington. He still has no place to live, no money and no job. Our daughter stays with us and files for divorce.

Those were some real TRYING TIMES - For two years! The old family dynamics come back - only this time, they are taking advantage of the situation. We went through laziness - arguments, slamming doors - and one time, after a big heated LOUD argument, between 2 sons and my husband - a neighbor called the police. I was so embarrassed. This situation had reached a boiling point. THEY HAD TO GO and it was up this Mama, to push them out of their comfortable NEST once again.


Beginning of 2016, all three of them, were able financially to move out on their own and get their lives back. AND We got ours back, too.

There was no more empty nest syndrome for me. I was happy and never shed a tear. I miss them at times, but they live close and it's the way it should be. 

I'm happy we were able to help them - it did strain our finances to where I had to dip into my inheritance which is now, HISTORY. IT was supposed to be my retirement. Oh well.

I'll worry about that later.

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