fear worry

Imagine, if we reclaimed all those years sacrificed to worry and fear. We'd all ADD years to our lives.

I know, for myself I have spent far too much time, worrying about things that now, in retrospect I didn't have to worry about at all. I look back and see the years I have missed. Time taken away from my family, my children, myself.

These days, I am determined to break that stronghold of worry and fear, turning away from those destructive tapes in my head, urging me to, NOT trust in the moment but to press play on the "what-if's" and "should-have's" of my past.

At age 62 - I don't have that much time to wallow away - I must anchor myself in the present. Savor the moment.

It is amazing, how as we age, we gain wisdom - FINALLY.

I watch those younger than me, go off into their fear and worry mode and I try to speak with them about it - It's like they can't hear anything except what they fear.

Like most everything in life - it is a choice, only we can stop. It does us no good. It takes years OFF our lives and makes our last years, uncomfortable and unrelenting.

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