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Do you see anywhere, where it says it gets you HIGH?

A few years back, I got involved in the CBD/Hemp Movement. I've always been in favor of medical marijuana, so learning about the good uses for hemp, excited me, plus it is LEGAL in all 50 States.  Last year, I finally applied for my California 215 card, giving me legal access to Medical Marijuana. I wanted it, to use in place of other harmful medications, I had been given through the medical profession.

Currently, I am off all NSAIDs due to what it has done to me - giving me a ulcer. So now, what do I do to replace the anti-inflammatory meds I was on? Tomorrow I will see the Doctor about my shoulder, which has seized up (frozen-shoulder)  Very painful. I'm not a glutton for pain, so regardless, I will be asking for a cortisone shot. However, for daily maintenance, I need CBD, cannabidiol in my body.

I will be trying different brands - Hemp/CBD to Marijuana CBD to find what works best for me and my pain. I have also been using a beauty skincare line for a few years, with CBD hemp oil and I love it. I will share later in a future post what I use.

Yes, it's expensive. I would rather spend the extra money in good, healthy CBD products that work, than to pay for herbal supplements that just color your urine, and that's about it.

At our age, isn't it time to give CBD's a chance?

To get you started
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