Are you prepared to die?

I know, what a title! It's true though, are you? Since my sister died unexpectedly last year at the age of 56, I am the only one left from my birth family. I saw how my brother-in-law was not only shocked, at her sudden death, but with all the things, he had to do. One evening, we tried to hack into her email account, so he could pay the bills. We did so successfully - I was the only one who could guess some of her secret questions.

I don't want that for my husband or my children. My dad died in 2007. My mom committed suicide in 2008 and that was a sudden death in a way. I had to finish paying her bills, and notify friends, and try and put together her life as she had it. She had a handwritten will - Fortunately in California it is legal and with the help of an attorney, I was able to manage her estate.

I'll be 63 this March and I feel great. Last year, my husband and I made the Final Arrangements for his father (my FIL) He will be 91 this May and he also, is doing great. But, at that age, you never know. It has all been bought and paid for. It has given my him some peace of mind, and for us, as well.

That is what I want - Peace of Mind. Not just in my final arrangements, but everything. Even down to my Grandma's and Grandpa's clock - as to who will receive it. So what I am planning to do, is while I am organizing "stuff" in this New Year, I am also mindful of what things I want to finally get rid of, and what cherished items, I want given to whom. That makes me feel good.

What I do not want to happen - is for me to just drop dead, like my dear sister - and my husband and children, have to go through my house. I want, that if for some reason, I am terminally ill, I want to have some peace, knowing, all of this has been taken care of.

My only fear of dying, is not being ready. We all will die. I want, when my time comes, if I have any say in the matter at all, for to be peaceful, and without worry.

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