6 reasons why Baby-boomers get sad at Christmas

1. Memories

For years I struggled with depression and grief - and Christmas seemed like punishment.  When I would muster up the energy, to haul out the decorations, a sense of dread came over me, as I started going through the decorations. They were like photographs in a Christmas album to me. I could remember vividly, the time, the place and the person, associated with that ornament. Instead of joyous memories, I was felt pain.

2. No energy or lack of mobility

Depression will sap your energy - while everyone in the family is going out to parties and shopping. Many are limited physically and that can be depressing. You may need a walk or wheelchair to go places, and you feel as if you are a burden, to your family.

3. Living Alone

We may be divorced, or recently lost a spouse or partner - we find ourselves alone. Our children, if we have any, might live far away, or worse - they are busy in their own lives and rarely visit. Lack of human companionship on a regular basis is not healthy. You can be a introvert, and still have some contact with people.

4. Living in nursing homes

Many miss the way, their life used to be. They miss their homes. They miss doing things their way and having more control, even though they may not have the physical means like they used to.

5. Financial stress

With limited, fixed incomes, many baby boomers and seniors are struggling, especially at Christmas. They may feel like they need to keep up - or they feel embarrassed when it is time to unwrap the gifts. Perhaps they remember a time, when money was not an issue. Now they feel like they have failed.

6. Depression

All of the above, leads to depression - and if the depression has lasted longer than a few months, professional help would be necessary. There is a normal amount of sadness and depression, during the long, dark months of winter, that hopefully will naturally lift when spring comes.


As with all of us, old and young - the magic of Christmas has nothing to do with presents - but with presence.

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