The eyebrows have it

Tattoed eyebrows 

I think I am getting obsessed with eyebrows as I grow older. As a blonde, I always had blonde eyebrows. Until, I got old enough to use eyebrow pencil. Good old, Maybelline! I followed the natural shape of my brows and always tried, to keep them looking as natural as possible...Then there came a time in my life, where I went tweezer-crazy. My mom warned we ever listen? So, here I am now, with thinning blonde eyebrows. Now I use a brow mascara-type. I am also going softer -

I NOTICE eyebrows and will admit, in front of God and this blog - I am envious of awesome eyebrows. It totally makes the difference in your face. You can be butt-ugly - but have good eyebrows.

Eyelashes are good too, but you can always use fake ones (that pull out your real ones) That's for another post.

Nope, the eyebrows have it.

Michelle Obama had great arms - but her eyebrows were not so great. I've noticed she has been experimenting though.

Michelle went tweezer crazy like me on the left photo. 

They say, fuller eyebrows make you look younger. Here, Michelle is using the eybrow pencil or eyebrow powder expertly. Looks much better. Hopefully hers, have a chance to grow back - I'm afraid now, my skimpy ones would need rogaine for eyebrows. Do they even have that?

Melania at 17

OMG, Melania has untouched, perfect eyebrows at 17.

Eyebrow Privileged!

Her eyebrows might be the best ever for a first lady

One thing about the Trump ladies - they have good eyebrows - they certainly did not get them from Mr. Trump.

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