Hiking Mt Whitney


One of the things, I have always wanted to do, was to hike California's Mt Whitney. I know many haven't heard of it - it just so happens, it is the highest summit in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada, with an elevation of 14,505 feet. It is #11 on the list of highest major summits, with the other 10, in Alaska.

I once read, a mature woman of about 70, climbed Mt Whitney and it gave me hope. It will probably take me that long, to get myself "ready"for it. I am 62 1/2. I can practice, on Mt Lassen and Mt Shasta - which just happens to be in my backyard!

Mt. Whitney: 14,505 feet— Or Is that 14,496.811 Feet… But Who’s Counting?

This blogpost was quite interesting to me and had awesome photos. It was refreshing to read, that when the author turned 60, he backpacked from Lake Tahoe to Mt Whitney. I know the young kids can do this - but always intrigues me when a older fart, can accomplish this, and much more. More power to him!

Three older women tackle Mt. Whitney

Now this article REALLY excited me.  3 women - 2 aged 65 and 1 at age 70!

"Most of the 60 or so people on the summit that day were younger than we were. But we felt better than most of them because we had taken the slow and steady approach, stopping to drink and eat every hour or so. In high-altitude climbing, the tortoise far outshines the hare because the body can better process the limited oxygen. We had passed many young bucks sprawled along the trail, gasping for breath and clutching their aching heads."

With age, comes wisdom.

Mt. Whitney Hike

Brian and Ashley are youngins. But their blog post is very informative and many of the commenter's were older. Training and learning how to acclimate yourself to the high altitude.

Presently, I am struggling with some extra weight - I gained after my gallbladder surgery. It seems, I eat less now, but gain more. So I don't know what is going on with my body - I probably need to MOVE MORE. I'm working on it.

So there I have shared something I would really like to accomplish. However, I am not going to beat myself up, if I don't. Life is good, no matter what I am doing and sometimes, just doing nothing, is awesome, when you are sharing it, with someone you love.

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