Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I know each other very well, after all we've been together for many fact we've seen each other grow up.

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I have some of my best conversations with Me, Myself and I and, if I only hang out with them, I'm comfortable with that. We laugh at the same stuff, we like the same men, we like reading the same books and we enjoy the same foods - we just know how each other feels. When I am out in a social situation that feels uncomfortable to me, I think to myself how much better it is to be around,  Me, Myself and I, and how I don't have to feel forced upon to make conversation. I know I have to get out more with people - that is what "They" say - but what if I just can't find anyone I enjoy being with?  What if Me, Myself and I is the best there is? "They" can be so annoying at times. Telling me, what Me, Myself and I, should be doing with our time. Just because, "They" aren't comfortable in their own skin, doesn't mean I have to sign up for every social event to fill my every waking hour so "They" can feel good about themselves.

 I will admit though, I did have an imaginary friend named Bobby for about a year or so when I was like 3. Cute as a little kid, freaky scary as a senior!

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