Grazing at Costco

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Hey cows graze, horses graze and so do humans with Costco memberships. All of those convenient foods are good but they are so expensive and I cannot justify spending $20.99 for an olive tray when I can buy some green and black olives, throw them on a tray and call it hors d oeuvres!

Costco can be expensive for seniors on a limited budget, but there are some things I prefer to purchase at Costco. The frozen chicken breasts, chicken tenders, the coffee is a good purchase.  I buy the ground beef in 1 lb tubes, and I love their stew meat! Buying in bulk, can be economical and convenient, by saving you time shopping and driving to the store every few days.

The weekends and before the holidays are the best time, to "graze" at Costco. But you'll no doubt have to wait in line. You can bet on it, that some rude person, will cut you off at the pass, right when you are reaching for a Bagel bite...and of course it is the last one, and you have to wait again, till they load them up in the oven. Seniors like to go early - and it helps to know a few of the food demonstrators, to know their schedule.

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