A Church Rant

Back of Methodist Church - Bodie, Ca

 I used to love going to church before in the bay area.  I just can't find a church I like, here. I think I get lazy. I just want to stay home. One thing that bugs me, is the way my husband sings. Love the man, let's get that straight - but oh my, he sings so loud (and proud)  I can't hear myself. I have to plug my ear next to him and most of the time, I just mouth the words. I enjoy going much better when he is not there. I've suggested to him a few times, about us sitting in different spots, but he doesn't like that idea. Not that I have this awesome voice, but I don't sing so loud that everyone can hear me.

Methodist church - Bodie Ca

Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all you lands - Psalm 100:1

... we don't have to be good - just joyful. Oh he's joyful all right! Another thing that absolutely bugs me - is he "drums" on the back of the empty seat in front of him. Major distraction for me. He sometimes, talks to me during the service. I don't want to talk to my husband - I came to listen to the Pastor. Besides being easily distracted, I cringe when they have that meet and greet - They tell everyone to find a new person they have never met, and shake hands with them. I am not a hand-shaker! Can't we just say, "Hi." without the side hug and hand shake? Plus its high school, all over again...people are people and they would rather seek out someone they know, and there you are, standing and no one offers eye contact. Can't we just sit there, and wait for the service to begin, without all this social pressure? I know it's all petty but it's my church rant for the day.  Consider it confession!

  Bodie State Historic Park

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