How to grow and cook Fodder Beans

Fodder Beans -

My dad's folks were from Eastern Tennessee. Every 2 years, we would load up the car and travel back to visit his huge Tennessee family that had spread out to several states.  Grandma knew my Mom and Dad loved her "fodder beans" and would send us back to California with a box full of these dried pale yellow, non impressive beans. My mom guaranteed that I would love them. Oh my gosh, she was right.

Grandma would even send us a box through the mail.

The last time I have had fodder beans were probably a good 20 years ago. I had a garden which yielded a lot of beans and I wanted to try my hand at drying them, like Grandma did.

1. Grow beans

2. Pick them and wash

3. Using string, thread them on through the freshly picked beans, knotting the bottom so they won't fall off.

4. Hang them in a dark dry place.

5. After about 3-4 weeks, I cooked them, as I would a dry bean. You can soak them overnight - then drain the water and cook. They were delicious! I like them as a meal, with some chunks of ham in them and some fresh sliced garden tomatoes and sliced cucumbers.

*** Just before my mom passed, she did tell me I should prepare them in a brine of 1/2 cup coarse salt (kosher) and 1 gallon of water for about 15 minutes. That is to keep them bugs away in the drying process.

Make sure they are completely dry before stringing them on thread or twine.

 Green Beans Salt and Pepper Bacon grease or lard water

 NOTE: After doing some checking I found they are also called Leather Britches Beans.

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