Step 3 - What are your choices?

Step 3 - Made a decision to turn our gray hair, wrinkles, saggy skin, aches and pains and our lonely lives over to the care of God as we age.

I mean, what else can you do? Live miserably? I'm NOT! Aging is just another chapter in our lives and I am going to enjoy it.

Gray Hair - I'm allowing my gray hair to take ownership of my head. Coloring or bleaching it is just a never ending battle I don't care to engage in. I admit it does seem to have a mind of its own. I get these gray wispy hairs, and I can do nothing with them. BIG DEAL. It's just hair!

Saggy skin - Yeah what about it? If you gained weight and then lost weight, you're going to have some saggy skin. You can remedy it, by gaining weight if it really bugs you. I have upper arms, that wave, and the beginnings of a saggy turkey neck. Wear a scarf and don't worry about it.

Aches and Pains - Those are normal especially if you lived an active life. Sometimes, they happen because we injured ourselves - or it's from our genes. All in all, it's because we are getting old. Face it. You have to learn to manage it. Don't just give in to the pain pills, or you will have BIGGER problems later. If you live in a state, where marijuana is legal, get some. It really helps with those aches and pains. Just remember - most of the medicinal goes up in smoke, so try and use edibles and topicals.

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Are You Lonely?

If you're lonely, only you, can get yourself out of it. I'm an introvert - so I relish my alone time. But yeah I guess there are times, I get lonely. When that happens,  I reach out. If you are an extrovert then you should know how to do this very well.

This is still a great time in our life. You just have to roll with the punches -

Care of God. 

Don't let the G-word throw you off. For me, it's God. For you, it could be a doorknob, your cousin, Buddha, mother-nature or the universe. I get so friggin tired, of having to EXPLAIN as not to OFFEND anybody or disenfranchise anybody. Okay? We're all adults here.

Why would you need a Liver Biopsy?

This morning a good friend is having a liver biopsy. I sure hope everything goes well. She is the only friend, from my "other life" still alive. My other life, was when I was living in the bay area, divorced, and raising my 3 sons. She was with me through my divorce. I have other friends from that time - I'm talking about really close, good friends. She knew all my secrets. Well, maybe not all of them. 😊

I'm learning about all of these ailments and procedures as my friends and neighbors start having them. I look them up and share them.


Why would they do a biopsy of the liver? 
They are done to detect the presence of abnormal cells in the liver, like cancer cells, or to evaluate disease processes such as cirrhosis. Your doctor may order this test if blood or imaging tests indicate there are problems with your liver.

What is the procedure? 
A liver biopsy is a procedure in which a small needle is inserted into the liver to collect a tissue sample. This is performed as an office or outpatient procedure or during surgery. The tissue is then analyzed in a laboratory to help doctors diagnose a variety of disorders and diseases in the liver.

Is a liver biopsy serious?
The primary risk of liver biopsy is bleeding from the site of needle entry into the liver, although this occurs in less than one percent of patients. Other possible complications include the puncture of other organs, such as the kidney, lung or colon.

She should get the results in one-two weeks. I sure hope it is nothing serious. She is afraid it is cancer.

I never thought about my liver before - of course, I was young. When my sister died suddenly, in 2015, the autopsy revealed cirrhosis of the liver. It shocked everyone. She was 56 and had been treated for high blood pressure. It still bothers me. My niece and her husband, wouldn't let me read the completed autopsy.

So since then, I have gotten off 2 medications. The GERD medicines and the Anti-Inflammatory for my joints. Both were bad for the liver and my ulcer.

This is the yucky part of getting old.

Step 2 - I want to be like my Grandma

Step 2 - We believe that a *power greater than ourselves can help us embrace aging, to start acting our age, and to just stop the complaining.

Let go and Let God. 

Aging is something that is going to happen, whether you like it or not. So why fight it? I have nothing against those, who still work out for that cute little figure - and for those who spend their children's inheritance on face lifts and tummy tucks- but let's face it - you are still getting old, just like me. All temporary and don't bring the results you truly want. The difference? You may look better than me - but I just might be happier and more at peace.  Changing your focus to being a happier person mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically can help us actually embrace aging a little more and live a life without making the battle against aging such a stressful and negative focus.

I'm 63 - I hope I have at least another 20 years. So am I going to allow myself, to get my granny panties in a bunch, over the fact that my boobs sag and I have stretch marks not just on my belly?  I'm still too young, to be wasting time, complaining about all of that.

I often think about my Grandma, when she was my age. She always seemed so happy. Yeah, she may have looked a bit dowdier than today's seniors, but she smiled a lot more and accepted the aging process. She never complained about her figure or her wrinkles. As life became more challenging, she made the necessary adjustments. I want to be like my Grandma.

Aging and getting older is not a bad thing. That's a lie. It's part of the process - we live, we die.

*I believe in a Power Greater than myself and I call Him, Jesus. Maybe you don't. That's okay. It still works.